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A Parkinson’s Bookshelf

September 4, 2010

Tutorials and General Instruction – Arranged from Beginner to Advanced, more or less.

The Human Brain
From the Franklin Institute, this has to be one of the best on our subject and is particularly directed at the beginning student. It is also one of the best designed sites on the web.

BBC The Human Body and Mind
This BBC site covers body and mind as well as several additional systems.

The Brain from Top to Bottom
Based at McGill University, this Canadian site is a wonder. With plenty of colored illustrations, it discusses a dozen or more specific areas of the brain at three different levels (beginner, medium, advanced). Go through the three one by one and in a week you will be an expert.

Brain Atlas
An extremely well-linked site from the Lundbeck Institute, this one makes an excellent pair with the above.

NIH Parkinson’s Disease Planning Workshop
An NIH attempt to do what we are attempting to do – get cross-talk between the disciplines. Good general guide.

Medline Plus
Pretty much the “party line” but good quality and a lot of it. Good place to begin if you keep your mind open once you are done.

A great presentation on the stuff you forgot in introductory Micro by Dr. Gary Kaiser.

Cell Biology
University of Texas Medical School tutorial for beginning to intermediate.

Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
This Columbia University-based medium to advanced site offers approximately 40 lectures representing their annual symposium’s presenters. Each talk is available in printed or recorded form.

A mid-level neuroscience tutorial from the Washington University School of Medicine.

NIH Videos
NIH Portal – video is just part of it.

Advanced. Definitely advanced.

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