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(3b) – An Outline of Parkinson’s Disease

I. What Do We Know?

II. Systems Interacting in Parkinson’s Disease

A. Immune System
B. Endocrine System
C. Gastrointestinal System
D. Central Nervous System
E. Neurotransmitters, Hormones, and Cytokines

III. The Path of Progression of PD

A. Predisposing Factors
B. Initiating Triggers

IV. Ongoing Processes

A. Oxidation
B. Excitotoxicity
C. Mitochondrial Failure
D. Neuronflammation and Microglia
E. Stress and the HPA
F. Autoimmunity

V. Time Periods Related to PD

A. Preconception
B. Prenatal
C. Prepuberty
D. Puberty
E. Young Adult
F. Mid-Life
G. Senior

VI. External Factors and PD

A. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)
B. Pathogens
C. Ultrafine Particulates
D. Toxins
E. Epigenetics

VII. Internal Factors and PD

A. Alpha-Synuclein
B. Blood Brain Barrier
C. Circadian Rhythms
D. Constipation
E. Electrolytes and Ion Channels
F. Genetics
G. Metabolic Factors and Nutrition

VIII. Treatment, Repair, and Cure

A. Therapeutics
B. Neurogenesis
C. Symptoms

IX. Miscellany

A. Historical View of PD
B. Homeostasis
C. Related Disorders
D. Rhythmic Disruption

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